InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. Announces its CEO is Bringing National Awareness to the Risk of Dementia from Untreated Hearing Loss and How Hearing Aids Slow Down Dementia By 75%

InnerScope’s CEO will be a regular featured guest on the Emmy Award winning TV and Radio Show “The Big Biz Show” (airs weekdays to 110 million households, 150 U.S radio stations and broadcasts over the Armed Forces Radio Network to 175 countries) and he is making appearances on the TV Show “American Trends” hosted by Aimee Fuller (broadcasts to 50 million households)


INND PR Jan. 3


INND PR Jan. 3

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Jan. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Hearing Technologies InnerScopeInc. (OTCQB:INND), a manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer (“DTC”) distributor of FDA-Registered Hearing Aids and Personal Sound Amplifier Products, (“PSAPs”) (“Hearing Products”) announced that its CEO Matthew Moore, will be regular featured guest on “The Big Biz Show“, (Biz Show”) a national-syndicated Emmy Award winning Business-Meets-Lifestyle TV and Radio Show. Beginning January 3rd 2019, Moore will be a regular weekly guest on the Biz Show, bringing national and as well as international awareness to the “The Risk of Dementia from Untreated Hearing Loss and How Aids Slow Down Dementia by 75%.” 5 6 7 8 9 On December 6, and again on December 12, 2018, Moore was an invited guest and interviewed by the show’s host Bob “Sully” Sullivan and his sidekick Russ Stolnack aka “Russ T Nailz”.

Moore will also be appearing as a returning guest on the January 3rd “America Trends” show where he previously appeared on the December 12, 2018 as an invited guest and was interviewed by the host Aimee Fuller.

Moore gave an overview during his previous interviews of how prevalent hearing loss is in the United States, stating over 48 million Americas are suffering daily from living with numerous health and cognitive consequences of untreated hearing loss. He also touched on some of the major health issues and risks directly associated with living with untreated hearing loss, including a five times greater risk of getting Dementia, and some form of Cognitive Memory Decline, 7 8 due to the lack of auditory stimulation to the brain. Moore said, ‘If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It the brain atrophies causing the brain to forget how to hear so that part of the brain just shuts down’. Moore explained about the traditional high cost of hearing aids averaging over $5,000 and the lack of access to affordable hearing aids is the main reason why people are not receiving the proper care or the treatment needed for their hearing problem.

Moore continued to explain about hearing aids being the best treatment option for ninety-five percent (95%) of people with hearing loss, not only for a person to hear, but also to protect and preserve their cognitive function. He stressed that InnerScope is providing consumers direct access to the high quality hearing aids at factory direct prices through its multiple eCommerce DTC sales channels. He also mentioned consumers could purchase InnerScope Hearing Aids directly from and InnerScope’s ALPHA Hearing Aids has a Five Star-Rating from customer reviews.

InnerScope’s plans and other mentioned topics during Moore’s interviews:

  • InnerScope is starting its Clinical Trial to obtain a 510 FDA-Clearance for treatment of Tinnitus (ringing of the ears). The trial will be completed mid 2019 and once the 510 FDA-Clearance is obtained, InnerScope will have the only FDA-Cleared device for the treatment of Tinnitus (which is not a management treatment or device) on the market.
  • Over 300 million people worldwide1 including 50 million Americans or 15% of the population struggle with Tinnitus, making it one of the most common health conditions in the United States.2 Roughly 90% of Tinnitus cases occur with an underlying hearing loss.
  • 22 million U.S. workers exposed to hazardous noise each year, making hearing loss 3rd most common chronic physical condition among adults.3
  • 1.2 billion people or 15% of the world’s population reports some form of hearing loss that would benefit from the use of a hearing aid.4

Moore will continue his ongoing discussions on the topic of the “The Risk of Dementia from Untreated Hearing Loss and How Hearing Aids Slow Down Dementia by 75%.” in the upcoming interviews on the Biz Show. Especially, focusing the numerous studies that link Untreated Hearing Loss to Dementia and Cognitive Decline.5 6 With the latest 2018 studies showing that using Hearing Aids Slows Down Cognitive Decline by 75%, 6 7 Moore believes people need to be aware of the health consequences particularly the decline in mental and cognitive health, by not immediately treating their hearing problem by wearing Hearing Aids.

Bob “Sully” Sullivan, host of The Big Biz Show stated, “When I heard about InnerScope, and first invited Matthew on the Show, I had no idea the magnitude or size of the hearing aid market or how many people needed hearing aids. After meeting and getting to know Matthew being third generation in the hearing aid business and his passion helping people to hear, I believe the Show’s audience would greatly benefit from Matthew’s expertise and message about hearing loss and hearing aids”.

“InnerScope is thrilled to be a regular guest of The Big Biz Show”, said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies, “We are prepared to take lead in bringing national and international attention to the tens of millions of people suffering with hearing loss around the world. Being a regular guest on the Big Biz Show we expect this will bring more national media attention to this on-going epidemic of health and mental consequences in the U.S. from untreated hearing loss and thus will create more opportunities to be an invited guest on other numerous TV/Radio business/health related shows, as was the case with America Trends Show. Most people are just not aware of the potential long-term health and cognitive risks and therefore are needlessly suffering and choosing to live without treating their hearing loss. It is also unfortunate, that many just can’t afford the traditional high cost of hearing aids and have to decide between putting food on the table and buying hearing aids. With, InnerScope getting this on-going national and international media exposure, plus the notoriety of being the leader in delivering this needed “Public Health Notice” will also be delivering the solution to this problem by offering access to affordable factory direct pricing of its Hearing Products that are easily available to virtually every online consumer. We are hopeful that InnerScope will play a big role in helping to reduce the number of dementia cases globally“. Moore concluded.

About InnerScope Hearing Technologies (“INND“)

InnerScope Hearing Technologies (INND) is a rapidly expanding consolidator of the hearing aid industry. Management is applying decades of profitable industry experience and technology to an antiquated and disjointed industry, unlocking scale and efficiency, which will serve all of InnerScope’s stakeholders. Its direct-to-consumer model is revolutionizing the industry with its relationship representing a paramount shift in the consumption of hearing aids by the hearing impaired.

In addition InnerScope plans to continue to open, acquire, and operate a physical chain of and retail hearing device clinics audiological. InnerScope’s mission is to serve approximately 1.2 billion people around the globe that are suffering with 25 db or greater hearing loss across the entire hearing impaired vertical from R&D and manufacturing through direct consumer sales and services. For more information, please visit:

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9The study “Hearing loss and the risk of dementia in later life” was published in the Journal Maturitas in March 2018