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InnerScope Hearing Technologies (“InnerScope”), headquartered in Roseville, California, develops and markets direct-to-consumer innovative hearing solutions and related hearing healthcare products, hearing aid & ear care products, and hearing treatment therapies. Our omnichannel marketing approach, including our distribution network of wholesale and retail partners, gives us the ability to reach the estimated 70 million people in North America that currently need hearing help.


InnerScope, with its FDA-Registered Affordable App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Hearing Aids offer innovative point-of-sale Hearing Screening Kiosks (soon to be located in thousands of retail locations), a hearing screening website (visit: and the HearIQ app (available in the Apple and Google Play stores) which provide FREE self-hearing screening tests to the public, and access to InnerScope’s affordable direct-to-consumer hearing aids without the need to see a hearing care professional.

Hearing Aid Market Outlook

The global hearing aid market is expected to reach $11.02 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.4% during the forecast period. This marks a significant increase from the $6.47 billion value reported in 2020, an increase largely driven by innovations being made in hearing aid technology (

As a leading wholesale provider and direct-to-consumer business, InnerScope is positioned to disrupt the global hearing aid market. Its partnerships with some of the United States’ largest retail distributors and wholesalers are only strengthening the company’s position within the industry.

Leader in Innovation

InnerScope will continue to be on the cutting-edge of developing innovative world-class hearing-related treatment therapies in collaboration with its technology partners. Currently, InnerScope, together with our technology partners, is engaged in conducting pilot evaluations approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and FDA clinical trials for obtaining a 510k FDA-Market Clearance for new hearing treatments and therapies.

Current Ongoing Pilot Evaluations/FDA Clinical Trials

  • The effect of using a low-level laser for the relief of tinnitus symptoms for the estimated 1.2 billion people globally suffering from the symptoms of tinnitus.
Personalized Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Experience

InnerScope will deliver customers the best, personalized hearing experience through its innovative App-Controlled Hearing Devices and Professional Remote Programming and Support Service.

InnerScope is shifting hearing healthcare from traditional brick-and-mortar hearing care clinics to customers’ with its unique solution giving customers the best and affordable access to hearing aids without the need to see a hearing professional or go to a hearing care clinic.

Sustainable Ecosystem with our Retail Distribution Partners

InnerScope will continue building and strengthening its retail distribution infrastructure. By partnering with retailers to use in-store and online omnichannel marketing strategies, a sustainable ecosystem is created.

  • InnerScope is a verified wholesaler for Walmart for affordable direct-to-consumer hearing aids, personal sound amplification, and assorted hearing health products.
  • InnerScope currently has executed multiple wholesale distribution agreements with retailers for online and in-store sales of our direct-to-consumer hearing aids, personal sound amplification, and assorted hearing health products.
  • InnerScope also has executed agreements on a Hearing Kiosk Pilot Program with various retailers for Hearing Kiosks to be deployed in the retailers’ selected locations for in-store and online sales of our direct-to-consumer hearing aids, personal sound amplification, and assorted hearing health products.
  • InnerScope has an agreement with the FSA/HSA online store.

With new wholesale partnerships in the works, the company aims to add additional big-box retailers, national pharmacy chains, and national/regional grocery store chains.

B2C Direct-to-Consumer Retail Distribution Channels is InnerScope’s dedicated B2C online store. sales platform serves as a sales funnel for all B2C sales. For example, both the HearIQ App hearing test and the branded online hearing test will direct to for purchasing hearing health products.

InnerScope will continue to add more B2C sales and lead-generating platforms that will funnel into

InnerScope also has created an easy shopping experience on and Amazon Prime for its hearing and tinnitus vitamins. In addition, a new agreement is being executed with Amazon to offer the company’s product line features Bluetooth app-controlled hearing aid devices, Bluetooth app-controlled personal sound amplification devices, and more.