Our Solutions


InnerScope is a manufacturer, and a distributor/retailer of Direct-to-Consumer (“DTC”) FDA (Food and Drug Administration) registered Bluetooth App-controlled hearing aids, Bluetooth App-controlled personal sound amplifier products (PSAP’s), hearing-related treatment therapies, doctor-formulated dietary hearing supplements, proprietary CDB oil for treating tinnitus and assorted hearing and health-related products.


The HearIQ app, the In-Store Hearing Screening Kiosks and Free Online Hearing Screening Tests, as well as InnerScopes Certified Hearing Care Professionals round out InnerScope’s customer service offerings. InnerScope is shifting hearing healthcare from traditional brick-and-mortar hearing care clinics to customers’ with its unique solutions giving customers the best and affordable access to hearing screenings and hearing aids without the need to visit a hearing professional or go to a hearing care clinic.

Flexible Subscription Program

InnerScope has designed a subscription-based model with flexible, easy, and affordable plans for customers to purchase InnerScope’s hearing aids with low monthly payment options. Customers may also choose to upgrade to the latest hearing technology, offered by InnerScope, every 19 months while keeping their previous devices to use as a back-up or give their used aids to a friend or family member in need.