Bluetooth App-Controlled Medical-grade Rechargeable Hearing Devices

Through its dedicated online stores, and, and its multiple wholesale and retail partnerships, InnerScope offers Over-the-Counter affordable, FDA-Registered, Bluetooth app-controlled, medical-grade hearing technology to empower consumers to take control of their hearing care. 

InnerScope can deliver the same level and quality of hearing technology and professional expert support for the customer from their homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. The company’s product line features Fulll-Streaming, Bluetooth app-controlled hearing aid devices, hearing aid cleaning supplies and ear care products, hearing aid batteries, and more. All hearing aids are FDA-Registered, medical-grade devices and include professional remote programming and support services with one of InnerScope’s licensed hearing professionals.

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Hearing & Tinnitus Dietary Supplements

InnerScope has developed a proprietary line of doctor-designed Hearing & Tinnitus Dietary Supplements to help people with hearing problems and protect their hearing from future hearing issues. There are currently three types of formulas to choose from, including Ear-Ring Relief for the 60 million Americans who suffer from Tinnitus, HearingVite + Memory Boost, for people with hearing loss and cognitive issues, and HearingVite + Multivitamin, for maintaining proper hearing health and levels of nutrients.


Complete Line of Hearing Healthcare Products

InnerScope offers its brand label of assorted ear care and hearing aid maintenance supplies. In support of overall ear health and ensuring maximum performance from hearing aids and comfort for the customer, InnerScope provides a whole line of care items, including cleaning kits, wipes, spray, drying tablets, ear cleaner for wax removal, a natural lubricant agent for new hearing aids, and hydrating lubricating ear gel.

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