The HearIQ APP

InnerScope is the creator of the HearIQ app, which offers free self-check hearing tests and provides a user control function for InnerScope’s line of Bluetooth app-controlled self-adjusting rechargeable hearing devices. InnerScope developed the Free Hearing Test part of the HearIQ App to help with the early detection of hearing loss for the 1.5 billion people worldwide who have untreated hearing loss or have some form of hearing issues that may be unknown or undetected and do not have access to a computer for InnerScope’s online hearing screening test.

Visit the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store to download the HearIQ app.

The In-Store Hearing Screening Kiosks and Free Online Hearing Screening Tests

The Hearing Screening Kiosk and Online Hearing Screening Tests offer free self-check hearing tests using the world’s first “Hearing Triage” artificial intelligent pattern recognition software. This software has a unique ability to classify both level (degree of loss) and pattern (type of loss). In addition, the software can detect the probable location of the hearing problem and its degree of severity. Developed as a hearing wellness test tool to help track hearing ability and (if tests results indicate a hearing loss) make recommendations for either:

  • purchase of one of InnerScope’s hearing devices, in-store or online, and/or
  • seeing one of InnerScope’s local contracted network of hearing healthcare professional’s for further follow-up testing.

The software also generates an audiometric report which is instantly emailed to the customer.

Certified Hearing Care Professionals

InnerScope’s certified hearing care professionals are available to assist (if needed) and maximize the hearing device’s performance through automatically adjusting and fine-tuning the hearing devices remotely and providing other support and guidance as necessary.

flexible subscription program

InnerScope has designed a subscription-based model with flexible, easy, and affordable plans for customers to purchase InnerScope’s hearing aids with low monthly payment options. Customers may also choose to upgrade to the latest hearing technology, offered by InnerScope, every 19 months while keeping their previous devices to use as a back-up or give their used aids to a friend or family member in need.